Why isn't exhaustion considered a medical condition?

I am so miserable being at work. I took off Monday - Wednesday this week, which means I have only been in the office for a day and a half and I feel like I'm too tired to even type this whiny post! I was at my OB on Wednesday and asked how much longer I can be at work. He said there's no medical reason at this point for me to be pulled from work. By the time I get myself up in the morning, showered and ready to leave for work, I'm ready for a nap. My job is not phsyical - I sit behind a desk mostly and attend/run meetings for a couple hours every day. Having no end in sight (at least for the next few weeks) makes me want to cry. Waahhhh.

Re: Why isn't exhaustion considered a medical condition?

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    That stinks! My OB told me she'd write me out anytime I wanted. (I wound up going off for PTL at 28 weeks anyway though.)

    Maybe you should start feeling some contractions when you're at work. *cough cough* ;)

    Seriously though, a lot of twin moms are off work by around now just as a safety measure, since you want to take it as easy as possible.

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    Are you kidding?  At this point, its not just exhaustion, its the multitude of aches and pains!  I know there is just no way I can still be working (I got written out this week, disability claim pending) and I have a desk job too!  I've been working from home since week 24... I told my OB that I can't really sit for a long time without having BH (which was true) and he wrote me out...

    Good luck!  Can you push your OB harder?

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    I have been waiting for today's appt for soo long to ask to get out of work.  She said "just tell me when."  And guess what, I didn't.  UGH!!! I'm so exhausted but am having a good day so it was hard to say, yes today write me out.  I left my paperwork with them because I know I can't last two more weeks until the next appt.  Now it's just a matter of when do I call.
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    That sucks.  My OB said she would write me out at 30weeks.  I thought that might be too soon to leave from work, but after this week I might just do it.  I am too tired and it's typing even takes too much effort.
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    can you ask your doctor to write you out? its no skin off their back....especially if you feeling so drained just getting ready for work : /

    I cannot imagine how you are doing it....I am 26 weeks and worn out from the time I wake up in the morning :-( and I am home with ds...which sometimes I think going to work would be easier than keeping up with toddler :-P

    I honestly would have a heart to heart with your OB, explain your feelings and really milk it so you can get written out. Or at least come to a compromise on some things you can do from home?

    hang in there

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    That is crazy. Most doctors with twin patients will write you out around now. Mine said "I won't fight you on when you are ready". At 30 weeks, I was READY. Tell him you are worried about PTL and you feel you are pushing your body too much, which sounds 100% true.

    I think your doctor is an idiot. I think me stopping work at 30 weeks and basically putting myself on bedrest until my scheduled c-section at 38.5 weeks was the major reason I made it so long.

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