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AW: Babywearing Success!

I have had trouble wearing DS as he generally wiggles all around and fusses.  I was actually getting to the point where I was considering abandoning babywearing altogether. = (

Today, with the help of DH, I was able to get the wrap on securely and to where it is comfortable for DS and I.  As I type, DS is sleeping soundly in our gauze wrap.  It is so nice to have both hands! Woot!

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Re: AW: Babywearing Success!

  • Yay! Definitely don't give up on it! DS and I could only go for a few minutes at first (especially with back carries), but with time and practice it gets easier and DS now loves being worn! And remember sometimes they fuss at first while you are getting things wrapped and tied but they will settle down when you start moving! Don't give up!
  • I was in your shoes when my daughter was about the same age. It takes time and sometimes kids may not like being worn but keep trying because they do change. Glad you got him in a comfy spot :)
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  • Yay!!  Gauze, in my experience, is tough to get adjusted correctly so as not to have any pressure points.  Good for you for sticking with it, it is SO worth it!
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