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Hi! My husband is currently stationed at Camp Casey S Korea. He left in March and we got command sponsorship papers filled out, med stuff done and submitted by early May. We're still waiting to hear back from them. I was wondering if anyone knew how long it usually takes to hear back from them? For a while my hubby was going in once a week and lately had to go in once every 2 weeks ebcause of things going on on his post. I've been patient about this for a while because I hate being the naggy wife and I know my husband will tell me as soon as he finds something out, but I'm starting to lose it. Not to mention I only have about 9 weeks of flying time left. Lol! I have only been an official army wife (I say official because my hubby was in school for 4 years in ROTC and just became active duty last June 1st ish) for a little over year so I don't have much experience with military moves and such since everywhere my husband has been I've been "left behind" lol. So as an army wife, the only experience I have is in separation (we've been apart since he went active duty).

So, since I rambled, my question was if anyone knew about how  long it usually takes to get command sponsorship approved for overseas?


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  • I'm not sure how long on the administrative side but for the medical clearance portion you probably will have to go to an interview with the Special Needs Coordinator and another provider at the nearest MTF.  That portion should only take a week or two depending on appointment availability...but then again it may be different for the Army.  They may just do a records review.
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  • Yeah, I got the medical part done early April, by the time they sent me back the paperwork via email so I could send it to my husband, it was the end of April/early May. He turned the whole packet in the next day. I live about 3-4 hours away from nearest army post, so I was able to get it done without physically going in to the EFMP office. That part took a few weeks, but I didn't expect this part to take as long as it has..
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  • My hubby filled out the paperwork (in Japan) Feb 5th , I did all the medical stuff, got my ID card and passport, and was at Camp Zama by May 14th. Oh, and if you have to take World Airways...have a blast! LOL That sh!t sucked!
  • I'm at Casey right now. I got here in September last year. Because this whole area just opened up to command sponsorship last Fall, they are still VERY disorganized. Length of time it takes depends on your husbands unit/company, but I know the average length of time from submitting to approval is at least 4 months, if not more. Ours took 7 months and we ended up getting the higher ups involved. They have been very bad about moving paperwork up to S1, G1, etc... but are telling the soldiers that it's progressing. In fact, one person was told it was approved and to start scheduling things, only to find out it never left brigade. I'm not saying this to scare you, but your husband needs to get on top of this paperwork if you have any hope of coming over before the flight cutoff. Have him talk to the people in the Orderly room at least twice a week. Also, have him get in touch with your FRSA (Family Readiness Support Assistant). They can get in touch with S1/G1 and help move the process along. The FRSA's are also a good resource for you, as you can email them and check the status as well. If it doesn't go through within the next three weeks, put in an ICE comment. ( Make sure you put your email and/or phone number on there so that they can contact you. Negative ICE comments are not liked here and have been known to speed things up. If nothing happens in another two weeks, have your husband get IG involved. 

        Sadly, you are going to have to be aggressive to get this done in time. Even then, you may not be able to come over in time. Have a back up plan set up!!! Also, you will not be able to deliver your baby at Camp Casey. The TMC does not have the resources. For two weeks prior to your due date, you will have to stay at Yongsan Garrison at the Stork's Nest, about 2 hours away. You'll deliver at the 121 hospital there.

       Who is your husband with? What unit/company is he in?

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  • Thanks for the comment! Yeah my husband has been going in mostly every week to check on the paperwork and such. He missed this week because I guess they were busy planning the Manchu march. Yeah the last he was told was about 2.5 weeks ago, they told him the paperwork was in Yongsan. But, they haven't been able to tell him anything since. My husband was never a very proactive man. But him going in once a week alone without my asking has been impressive to me. =P

    If we don't get approved or approved in time, then I will be staying in our apartment. I already ahve a birth plan here and sorta one for if I go over there. I do know about the whole brithing/hospital process over there, I've been talking to a doula who's husband is stationed at Casey, I ran across her blog on accident. =P

    My husband is 2-9. I emailed him your comment. Thank you for your help. We weren't originially planning for us to go over, but he missed out so much of our daughter's life already and didn't want to miss out on the second, especially with the likely hood of him getting placed in a deployable unit after Korea. But we did start this right after he arrived at Casey in mid-march and it has been a long process. I actually do feel better with your response, I hate not knowing how long it COULD take (after they told us that once he turned the packet in it would only take a few weeks) and I hate him feeling like the only thing he can do is going in once a week. I'm hoping your reply will be informative for him, so he can use the info to try and get this moving along already.

    Oh, my husband was told that part of the delay was they were having talks about Command Sponsorship. He was told this like a week and a half ago. Do you by any chance know what that could be all about? My husband didn't ask.

    Anyway, thanks so much again!

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