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El Paso Texas and Autism

My husband's job might be relocating us to El Paso Texas. My ds has autism, but is high functioning. Can anyone tell me anything about services (quality, accessibility, waiting list etc) in El Paso or anything about the school systems? I'm really nervous and am worried about removing ds from the area we live in since he is doing so well, the access to all the services is so easy, and we have a support system/ family near by. Thanks for all your help!

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  • I see noone has replied. The only thing I can suggest is that I found a good local resource on my local yahoo groups (autism society in El paso??). I am not from anywhere near there, sorry, but I really hope you find the services will be what your son needs.
  • I live in Las Cruces NM and my family is in El Paso.  I can try to help. How old is your son?  What are your concerns?  Friday is always my insanity at the office day so just email me your questions: [email protected]  I can tell you one option you have is to live in Santa Teresa, Las Cruces, or Anthony NM which is a short commute to El Paso.  The resources in NM are excellent.  All 3 of my kids are EI and one is transitioning to school this summer.
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  • Hi Francisca:  My ds is going to be 4 in August and has pdd-nos. He is currently receiving 1hr ST, 1hr OT, and in an special education preschool 5 days a week threw the school system. We've supplemented that with additional ST and ABA both at our expense. I was wondering if the state offered any financial assistance and which school district is the best. Everything I have ever asked for has been given to me through his current school except for the ABA because they say he is too high functioning. How far of a commute is NM to the base? That is where dh will be working. Thank you so much for your help!
  • I know a lot about the state programs as I work for one.  Texas has local MHMR centers in which Autism falls under the MR program (as a related condition) which is currently being renamed IDD.   There are several tiers of services, basic GR (general revenue) and then Medicaid waiver programs (Medicaid sounds low income but in the waiver programs its generally pretty high), the big dog is the HCS program (however there are others CBA, CLASS).   Its a 10 year waiting list, when you move, try to get on it immediately.  The GR program is very limited for children.  For children, there is medically dependent chlidrens program (MDCP) which does require a physical ailment but buys many adaptive aids, children's respite (essentially babysitting money but pays more for specialized care).  In Tx public prek is free if a child is on a IEP.   For Autstic Adults, there is a pretty neat Asperger apartment complex in Dallas and MSU in Wichita Falls has a Asperger college program which you get into through DARS.  I know nothing about the local level, sorry! GL! 

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