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Did anyone try it? I've tried it with a ton of people and it's right pretty much all of the time. I'm thinking about planning my next baby around it. It was right for my son and I'd like to know if it was right for others. It might just be coincidental but it always seems to work.

Re: Chinese Gender Predictor

  • amebeeamebee member
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    It wasn't right for me- it predicted a boy and we are having a little girl!
  • delg23delg23 member
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    well I think I conceived at the end of October. If I did it is correct. If I conceived in the beginning November then it was wrong. I'm pretty sure I did conceive in October though.
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  • The Chinese gender chart was right - but only when I put in my "chinese age" which you can calculate here:

     (I was 33 at the time of conception - but my chinese age was 34 - a few months different, it would have been wrong if I had kept the 33 - weird :)

     For the record every other old wives tale was wrong - all said girl, but we're getting a boy!?


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