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Had an ultrasound at St Joe's?

I have mine scheduled this week and was wondering what their policy is about having family members in the room with you. I can't find a phone number for the department to call and ask. Any help would be great!

Re: Had an ultrasound at St Joe's?

  • Is it a regular ultra sound or at the perinatology office? I had my NT scan and I'm pretty sure DH could have come in (he wasn't there, but other people who went in and out had their spouse with them) but they will NOT let you video tape the scan.
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  • I had my DH, mom, MIL, and two kids with me.  The ultrasound room is big.  I don't think they have limits.
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  • So, turns out that they have a limit of 3 visitors in the ultrasound room. The room is big enough to have more but for whatever reason 3 is the limit. We had both sets of grandparents there and they weren't too thrilled about switching visitors half way through, but oh well!!
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