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Need positive, healthy thoughts if you have any to spare.

On our way home yesterday we got a bad phone call from DH's cousin. Here is a C&P of what happened.

D checked a voicemail that he had on his phone and it was from his cousin  it sounded like he was crying so D called him back and found out that his uncle (cousin?s dad) got flown to a different hospital yesterday morning because he was coughing up a lot of blood.


Weeks ago he had a surgery to remove cancer from his esophagus. The surgery was very risky (uncle has bad diabetes) and the doctor there almost closed him up and said there is nothing more we can do because it was a lot worse than he thought but he kept going and was able to get the cancer. He had to remove some of his esophagus and some of his diaphragm I believe. So he went home on Friday.

Then yesterday morning he started coughing up blood and it was pretty bad. They had to give him 10 units. They finally got him stabilized and they figure his surgery opened up. So they flew him back to the hospital where he had the surgery done yesterday afternoon. I haven?t heard anymore since we left the hospital last night 

D?s cousin lives in Alberta and he is an absolute mess, I was talking to him and he was crying. I felt so awful He is more like a brother to D than a cousin, I just wanted to hug him. He flew in last night to Toronto around midnight. MIL also went with them to be with her sister.

Any thoughts you could spare would be greatly appreciated.

 I am very worried and scared for him. Trying to remain very very hopeful though. He is in the right place now, back with the doctors who did the surgery.

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Re: Need positive, healthy thoughts if you have any to spare.

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