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~*~*~*TTC Prayer Group~*~*~*

Hi everyone, The TTC Prayer Group is a support group utilizing the power of prayer. If you want to join we will assign you a prayer buddy and all you have to do is simply include that person in your prayers. Very simple-yet powerful!!! Feel free to search under TTC prayer group and check in at whatever time of day. If you have any concerns, special prayer requests, or need to reach us outside of the nest email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

If you want to join the group and be linked up with a prayer partner please provide the following info: your name, if you choose, your email address, your age, if you are TTC baby number 1, 2, etc, and how long you've been trying. I'll assign you a partner the following day and you can begin posting as soon as you ask to join. Thanks!
I am Suzanne, 40 years old, and my DH and I have been trying to have a baby for five years. In 2008, we had undertaken fertility treatments and had four IUIs ? all BFNs. We got our BFP after completing our first IVF cycle. Unfortunately, however, I had a missed miscarriage and a D&C on September 17. We will try IVF again in the summer.

I am April, 28 years old. My DH and I were blessed with a BFP in November 2008. Unfortunately, shortly after, I miscarried. I was diagnosed as PCOS and my DH was diagnosed with a low sperm count.  We then started IUIs and got a BFP on our first cycle.  Unfortunately, the pregnancy was ectopic and I lost my left tube.  I am now diagnosed with endometriosis as well, so we are now in the process of weighting all of our options for our next steps ttc.

For this week, June 21st ? June 25th ,  April  will post between 8:00-10:00 a.m.  Eastern time.

New & Reassigned Prayer Partners: Rachel ([email protected]) and Liz ([email protected]), Layafettegirl ([email protected]) and darnellsgirl ([email protected]), Perry ([email protected]) and Lori ([email protected]), KyleneD and Emily, Hoosiergurl and LovedbyHim. Mfleming and
bbg5271 ([email protected]). Naomi ([email protected]) and Shauna ([email protected]), Nursesrh and Myhusbandswife,  Melissa ([email protected]) and Pumpkinbride06 ([email protected]), April ([email protected]) and Julie721, Mrs. May ([email protected]) and Seoul09 ([email protected]), Brookandshan ([email protected]) and proud proud adoptive mom 6.11.09 ([email protected]), Krwys10 ([email protected]) and maryNamory ([email protected]).

Most Recent BFP:  Naomi  ? CONGRATULATIONS!!!
This Week?s Events:      

6/23 ? Zanymermaid?s mock embryo transfer

6/25 ? Zanymermaid?s ?pre? IVF blood work  


PinkRoses: Anatomy scan came back NORMAL!

Borst Plotz: Gianna Rose was born after a super quick delivery last night (5/13) at 8:47pm! She weighs 7lbs11oz and is 20 inches long. Congratulations, Jess!!!

RP_Panda: The ultrasound appointment went very well. The baby is measuring right on target at 6 weeks 2 days. They got to see the heartbeat and listen to it. The heartbeat is at 122 bpm. The doctor said that everything looks wonderful! They will tell their families about their pregnancy this weekend!


Special Prayer Requests:

*Krwys10: Just did her first trigger after 5 failed Clomid cycles.  She had 2 mature follicies, so pray that this combination would work for her!

Pink Roses: Her contractions seem to have settled down a bit. Her doctor has her on a ?gentle living? activity level, which is a bit hard to do in NYC, between having to take the subway/trains to get to work. She?s also trying to really hydrate ? at least 96 oz. a day! Please pray that the contractions stay at bay and that her little boy will grow to be a healthy, happy, full-term baby!

Ade2Be: Please keep her in your prayers. She is recovering from the surgery to remove the ectopic pregnancy.  She is healing well, but still needs a lot of prayers emotionally and physically. Her betas were finally down to 0 last week. She might get an answer this week if her one remaining tube is okay. Please pray that her one remaining tube is okay.

Kmsk:  Please pray for her sister, Ruth, who is 34. Ruth just lost her first baby Jacob at 35 weeks. Ruth also had a m/c at 6 weeks last May. Ruth and her husband have been trying for 3 years and also underwent IVF. After Ruth found out that she had a genetic mutation that caused the placental abruption and resulting stillbirth; Kmsk was tested and learned that she also had the prothrombin mutation and MTHFR mutations.  Please pray for Ruth and Kmsk and their husbands. Please pray that Ruth and Kmsk will be able to have healthy babies.

Our newest members:

Krwys10 ([email protected]):  Kelsie  is 23 and her DH is 27.  They are ttc #1 since April ?09 and is on her 6th Clomid cycle.  She just did her first trigger this cycle with 2 mature follicies!

maryNamory ([email protected]): She is 27 and have been ttc #1 since ?09.  Diagnosed with PCOS and endometerosis in March.  Looking to move to IUI.

proud proud adoptive mom 6.11.09 ([email protected]): She is 23 and her DH is 27.  They have been ttc #1 since 12/08 and diagnosed with unexplained infertility.  They have a 15.5 year old son they adopted on 6/2009.

Brookandshan ([email protected]): She is 27 and her and her DH are planning to start ttc #1 in Sept / Oct. 

Mrs. May ([email protected]): She?s 31 and her DH is 33. Happily married since 8/08 and TTC since 8/09.

Lynndeonne (April):  She has had 3 pregnancies and has lost two boys to uterine rupture. She has one beautiful daughter. She and her husband are trying to conceive again. She is 28 yrs old and he is 29yrs old.

Julie721:  She and her DH are TTC #1 and in the process she has been diagnosed with PCOS. They  are now trying Clomid (on their first round).

Pumpkinbride06 ([email protected]): She?s 27 and her DH is 30. They have been married since October 2006 and have been TTC #1 since October 2008. She?s currently undergoing her second IUI.

 Melissa ([email protected]): She?s 32 and has been TTC #1 after two miscarriages. She has been TTC for three years.

Seoul09 ([email protected]): She?s 31 and she and her DH have been trying to conceive for the last two years. She already has a 10 year old. After having a chemical pregnancy in December and then miscarrying at 7 weeks (HCG 5 weeks) in late April, she and her DH are currently trying to conceive and hoping that this month will be a good one for them.

Kmsk ([email protected]): She?s 27 and this is her first cycle TTC for #1 with her husband of 6 years (Paul). They?ve been together for 11 years.

Question of the day: Do you have any siblings?


Reflection of the day: 1 Peter 5:7: Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.


Ladies, please pray for all of the people and animals affected by the oil spill. Please pray that we will be able to stop the oil spill soon.


GROUP UPDATE: -If you have any upcoming events (appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, etc) be sure to let me know so I can post them in the events section!! All ladies TTC ? please pray for continued strength, patience, and understanding as they struggle each cycle. Provide them comfort when AF arrives or they see a BFN on the test stick.


NEW MEMBERS: WELCOME!! Basically just check in daily and pray for your prayer partner. Most prayer partners also e-mail, chat, etc to each other about what they?ve been going through and support each other.


*Indicates new prayer request or praise


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Re: ~*~*~*TTC Prayer Group~*~*~*

  • qotd: I have a little sister who just turned 3!!  Looks like we are out this cycle.  Waiting to see the new dr when insurance kicks in.
    Successful after 2 years tttc. Diagnosed with PCOS and Endometriosis. Bravado Bras at Nurtured Family BabyName Ticker
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