2nd Trimester

nbr: not sure if I should laugh or be annoyed

My favorite cousin is getting married in another state two weeks before I am due. She called me the week after we got bfp to ask me to be a bridesmaid and I had to tell her I may not even be at her wedding, and told her why.

Her mom called to check on me Sunday, (she is like a second mom to me, since both our families lived in same apts when we were kids and this cousin was born six days before my little sister and they are best friends), and asked if I would come live with them while I can still travel and then stay there until LO gets here. She says money wont be an issue (she owns a couple of businesses so I can work there) and she really really wants me and my parents and DH at the wedding, my mom isnt going either in case LO gets here early, so my Dad may fly out with one of his brothers. The wedding stuff (Indian-Paki) takes four days for all the festivities.

Part of me thinks its really sweet that she wants me there for the wedding that badly.

Then theres the part of me that thinks she is crazy. I cant get that kind of time off from work before I have the baby and still have a job afterwards. And this is our first kid, there is no way I am spending 3 months away from DH and my parents when expecting the first and possibly only kid I am going to have. I like my OB, I have all my friends and my support system here as well as most of our extended family.

So now I feel even more guilty than I did before about not going, because I am kinda claustrophobic anyway and dont really like car rides for over a half hour and its been worse now and there is no way I can handle drive that is normally 12 hours when we have to stop every hour or so for several minutes so I can go pee and walk around.


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