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What pain killer with Benedryl?

I got stung by a wasp. My arm is swollen and itchy and red and hot. I took some liquid benedryl and AF decided to show up with all her painful cramping glory (with only an 8 day LP..which pisses me off) so I'm not sure what pain killer to take.

I think I have generic aspirin and maybe some menstral stuff but I think we are out of Ibprofen. dammit

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Re: What pain killer with Benedryl?

  • tylenol usually works best with Benadryl.  That's what we do in the hospital.

  • I wouldn't take ASA--just stick with tylenol or aleve.
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  • BeabsBeabs member

    Benedryl and aspirin will be fine -- those are the active ingredients in Bayer PM and have been approved by FDA.

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