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Mei Tai in the Summer?

I'm due to have #2 in a few weeks and am still trying to figure out what to carry him/her in.  We used a Moby with DS, but he was born in January, so all the fabric wasn't a concern.  Now I'm looking for the lightest-weight carrier that I can find.  I'm not a huge fan of slings (never really got comfortable in them) and the Ergo infant insert seems like it would be so so so hot for LO.  So now I'm thinking of a mei tai (which I have sort of wanted anyway!).  Any thoughts on whether that will be any cooler than just using the Moby?  The other consideration is to get a woven wrap or something like that, but the bottom line is that I really want a mei tai and am trying to justify it :)

 Thanks all!

Re: Mei Tai in the Summer?

  • I have a DIY MT that we use with DD all the time, in TX heat/humidity. It is definitely cooler than using the Moby. I know you said you want to justify getting a MT, but I thought I'd throw out there that you can find some great, lightweight wovens that would work the same as the Moby without the crazy heat/heavy fabric.
  • How about a solarweave Connecta? (its a buckle tai)
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