2nd Trimester

Wierd food I like now

I never like dark chocolate.  But DH was eating a dark chocolate bar, and I took a little piece.  It was so good I had to have more! This could be dangerous, because he bought a 6 pack of Hershey Special Dark bars.

Re: Wierd food I like now

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    DH is gonna be mad at you!  I know with my DH, we don't like the same snacks at all, and when he starts to like my snacks and eats em all up, I get mad.  Yeah, Im greedy like that right now! I love coming home to a good snack and when it's gone, and I dont feel like running back out.... yeah, it's on!
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    I've been craving pancakes with syrup

    and yeah i would watch out i know i get food aggression when people steal my snacks :) jk

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    Cinnamon toast crunch- haven't had it since I was a little girl- now I eat it every night for my 2nd dinner.  So refreshing after a long hot day!  Got to go- need a bowl right now.....!
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