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Please tell me I'm not crazy!!

So I took baby to the Dr. for his 4 month checkup. He is doing great! But while I was there the Nurse Practicioner that we just started seeing said some things to me that I felt were not right. First off, she of course asks me about vaccinating. I tell her I want to wait and do it on a delayed schedule. She proceeds to tell me (just like the last pedi) that he could die if he doesn't get them and then starts telling me all these horror stories about children dying from not getting vaccinated. I said "Yes Ma'am I understand but can you please not use scare tactics on me?" I hate that!

 So anyways after that she asks me if baby is sttn. I said yes but he does wake up to eat and goes right back to sleep. She said "Oh no. He should be sleeping at least 8 hours straight at this age (4 months). You should just let him cry because he is just in a habit of getting up every 3 hours to eat." I said I don't know, I feel that he wants to eat and I don't want to let him CIO, I don't believe in that. Then she says " well it's ok to let him cry, you could let him cry for 20 or 30 minutes or even an hour." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! I said "yea I'm definitely NOT going to let my 4 month old CIO for an hour. She said well you deserve your sleep and I said yes but not at the expensive of his needs. 

Then she tells me that I need to start him on solids. Rice cereal first, then veggies then fruit. I said really because everything that I've read has said not to start until 6 months. she said no that's not true. I did with my babies and they turned out fine (most annoying thing to say to a new mother IMO). THEN she tells me to start giving him a supplemental bottle of formula once a day!! WTF?? Why would I give my baby formula if I don't have to?!! 

 This lady really caught me off guard. I think everything she said, especially about the CIO is absurd. Please tell me I'm not crazy??? 


oh and P.S. we are definitely getting a new pedi!! again!

 I feel so down lately because it seems like no "professionals" approve of our AP lifestyle. but I still feel like I"m doing the right thing ...


Re: Please tell me I'm not crazy!!

  • Nope, the crazy one in this situation is definitely not you. She should have realized her unsolicited parenting advice wasn't welcome when you told her the first time around. Some people can't catch a clue.

    My pedi group isn't very AP either, but they generally tend to keep their opinions to themselves. They asked once how she was sleeping, I said great, since she sleeps next to me, and I got a raised eyebrow, but surprisingly no lecture. I think the wrap I was still wearing that I'd had LO in gave away my parenting stance. hehe

  • Oh my! That would annoy the heck out of me! It goes completely against my parenting instincts.
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  • I gave up after the 3 month visit, I just tell them what they want to hear.  Yes, she's STTN (not counting dreamfeeding), yes she sleeps in her crib (which is side-car'd to our bed). 

    Got too annoying having to listen to a lecture at every visit.  

  • You are NOT crazy! I can't believe the stuff she was telling you! It is your choice how you raise your child and people shouldn't be commenting like that on your decisions (unless you are harming your child). I've never heard of a Dr saying to start solids before 6 months unless there are special circumstances or to give a bottle of formula just because. That's ridiculous. I repeat, you are not crazy.

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  • Wow..

       Yeah definitely time for a new pedi. 

  • I feel like those things aren't even AP related, but evidence based research related. If you switch practices and feel like pointing that out, I would.
  • imageCinnamonBun:
    I feel like those things aren't even AP related, but evidence based research related. If you switch practices and feel like pointing that out, I would.

    This.  It really has nothing to do with being AP or not... she's giving you advice that is flat-out wrong.

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  • thanks ladies. I thought the same thing! I got a great referral so I'm excited to try out the new Dr. *fingers crossed*
  • all the other stuff i have heard before but WHY would she tell you to give him a supplemental bottle of formula!?!!!? That is just crazy. I would tell the Dr. about that because she should not be telling patients that!
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