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OB recs in the Orland/Tinley/Frankfort area


I'm so very new here...not even TTC (I figured out what that means ;)  yet but probably in the next two months we'll start getting serious about it and I'd like to find a doctor asap.

 I'm trying to find some reviews on doctors in my area (most of my friends with kids all live much further south).  Please let me know anything about anyone in my general area (I'll even go to Joliet, Palos, New Lenox, wherever for someone good)

Thanks so much! I'm sure some of you were my knot buddies last year!



Re: OB recs in the Orland/Tinley/Frankfort area

  • OR if you have other suggestions on good sites to visit for doctor reviews, let me know!
  • I go to Pronger Smith in Tinley on LaGrange.  I really like that all of my doc's are under one roof - GP, OB, Dermatologist.  And it is a practice so if your doc is on vacation or something you can just see one of the others.  I also like that they know how to schedule.  I've never sat in the waiting room for more than 15 minutes, where at a previous place Id sit for almost an hour sometimes.
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  • Thanks!  They are covered by my insurance too!  I actually saw dr. won a few years ago for an annual visit (but then my insurance changed so I had to change dr's after one visit).  I thought she was nice...I'll look into Pronger.  Thanks again!

  • I see Dr. Alan Luke.  He practices with Dr. Foti Chronopolous and Mary Basaga (she's a nurse practicioner).  I go to their Oak Lawn office, but they also have an Orland Park office.  I LOVE Dr. Luke, and I've heard great things about the other two.  GL!
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  • I really like my OB. Her name is Gail Miller and she's in Palos...Like 103rd and Roberts Road. She's really funny and tells it like it is, although that may not be for everyone. She's kind of a stickler about weight gain and really wants you to stick to whatever guideline she sets for you (she told me 25-30lbs--no more than that!). For the next one, I think I will switch to Dr. Boyle out of Orland Park. She's with Maternal Fetal Consultants. The only reason I will switch is that Dr. Miller's office in Palos has become kind of a hike for me to get to from work in Frankfort on time for my appointments. I have met Dr. Boyle three times for ultrasounds with this pregnancy. I really like her, she's sweet and reassuring. Hope this helps!
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  • I went to Southwest OB out of Advocate in Tinley Park-on LaGrange Rd.. They are a group of 5 doctors. A lot of my friends/ co-workers go to them too and we've all been happy with them.
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