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Ryleigh's surgery update

Ry had her surgery yesterday morning.  She had the tiniest little hospital gown and booties to wear and in spite of everything she looked so cute.  I took a picture for her baby book. We waited forever for them to come and get her to get started which was aggravating because the last time she was able to eat was 2am that morning.  She was super cranky because she was hungry but finally went to sleep in my arms.  At 8:40am they came to get her from me and just took her sleeping which was good for her I think but scary for me.  The procedure itself was over quickly which was good.  Because there were no complications, they were able to put her out with just gas and she did not have to have an IV.  After they got her back up I was able to go back into recovery.  When I walked through the doors I could hear her screaming.  I immediately started feeding her and she ate very well but I could tell she was just so uncomfortable. After we got home she took a very long long nap and after she woke up she was her same sweet little self.  They bounce back so quickly!

Today when I got her up, she had a bloody nose and under each of her eyes is black.  The doctor explained yesterday that it might happen but still not a fun sight.  She does not seem like it bothers her so I am thankful for that.  In 6 months the doctor will remove the stints so unless there are issues we don't have any additional follo-ups.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!

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