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Recently Discovered this Board.

Hello Ladies:)

I've been on The Bump since I found out I was expecting, but never knew that this board exsisted! To say the least I am rather ecstatic. To have other women who have went through what I will be going through, will be a blessing.

I am new to the Army Wife deal and to the being pregnant deal. It will be our first baby, and unfortunately my husband will leave for his second deployment in September, and I will give birth to the baby in December.

Hope this board comes to be as handy as I need it to be.


Re: Recently Discovered this Board.

  • Welcome!  This is a great place to find support and tough love. Congrats on your pregnancy.... good luck with deployment. It'll be tough, but we'll help get you through.

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  • Welcome to the board! I am new here as well and the same goes for becoming a new military wife.  I grew up in military families but it's different when you are a child.  My husband is currently at OCS for three months and we have only been married for once month (been together for 7 years).  TTC soon so he will be around for the "important" things before he is sent on his first sub!
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  • I know I just found this board today and it is so exciting to me. I'm so glad they have this. My husband and I have got married in Feb of this year and he will be deploying in Oct. Our baby is due Dec 30th-Jan 1st(ish).
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