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Has anybody had fertility treatment?

My husband and I are trying to have a baby and its not comin easy for us. I'm curtainly doing fertility treatment at fertility center of illinois on kingbury. this is my first time posting on the bump. i was a big knottie when i was planning our wedding and i go on the nest from time to time but don't post much. i figured i had so much support from the knot board while planning our wedding .... i quess i'm trying to say if anybody has any advice or has done fertility threatment how did you feel. i feel like there is no one around me that understands and my husband and i are not really telling anybody. the only people who know are my sister and mother in law. I thought about going to pulling down the moon cuz i know they have support groups but i always plan on going but i never make it there. lol. 

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Re: Has anybody had fertility treatment?

  • I actually used FCI as well for fertility treatments.  We did 3 IUI's before moving on to IVF.  We were successful with IVF and are currently expecting a little girl in October.  My advise would be just patience....  My husband and I didn't really tell anyone until after the fact..  I felt like it was easier to deal with without having all the questions from everyone else!
  • We too used FCI, did 1 iui and 2 ivf's. Baby is due in a few weeks. We didn't tell anyone except my SIL either. It is a very emotional, difficult and expensive process and we just decided that we would lean on each other for support instead of people who've never gone through it. I went to yoga and joined a fertility board- https://fertilityneighborhood.com/ I like this board far better than the bump for fertility because it's real women going through the process. I felt like on the bump sometimes it was couples trying for a month or so and jumping to the conclusion they were infertile. It also seemed to me that there were a lot of immature people on the bump. I am still communicating with my "cycle buddies" and it really does feel like a good support system. Best of luck to you. Which Dr are you seeing if you don't mind my asking?
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  •  thank you. i will try fertilityneighborhood. I have Dr. Sipe so far he is great! he has great bedside manners and is very funny.   

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  • so far i'm on my second round of follistim. last month we could not do iui cuz i had to many follicle. i'm hope we will do the iui this week.

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  • I just did my first IUI with Dr. Kaplan at FCI. Good luck! I am usually on the infertility board of the bump. It's an emotional road and I found it much easier to deal with once I opened up about it. I understand that this is not for everyone, but talking about it really helps.
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  • Hi:

     We started out at FCI in Highland Park but bc of insurance changes, moved to North Shore Fertility in Skokie.  We were unsucessful on Clomid and our first three IUIs + injectables, but our fourth IUI + injectable (I was on Repronex) resulted in twins - I gave birth to them on March 16, 2010.

    We really liked North Shore Fertility, although we didn't have any issues with FCI either.

    I went to some yoga classes at Pulling Down the Moon, but it wasn't really for me.  I did join a board called Fertility Friend, and it was a great support for me while we were struggling and for the first trimester of my pregnancy, bc we were SO nervous about losing one or both (due to two previous miscarriages).

    I also had nobody close to me to talk to about our difficulties - all of my close girlfriends had no trouble getting pregnant, and nobody else in my family seemed to understand except for my mom.  She had a hard time getting pregnant with my brother and I, and kind of knew how I felt, but it still wasn't the same.  My husband didn't really understand either, because as the woman, you're the one being poked and prodded all the time, and injecting yourself, and in pain with overstimulated ovaries!!

    I agree with the PP - patience is a big one, and as hard as it is, try not to let it take over your life any more than necessary - go out and do what you normally do - I remember giving myself shots at bars in Chicago, at a Cubs game, while out to dinner, etc.  I didn't want to just sit at home, you know?  Also, try not to let your frustrations get the best of you - DH and I got in a lot of fights bc we started taking our frustrations out on each other.

     I wish you the best of luck - I actually started seeing a therapist when we were TTC, and it helped to have someone to vent to - I think FCI has an on-site therapist who will provide two free sessions - I used that service when I was a patient there.

  • Hi, you could try the Trouble Trying to Conceive board. You'll get a lot of support there. It's not specific to Chicago, but to your situation :)
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  • Dr. Sipe did my 1st ivf- we liked him too. Its funny how I got attached to certain nurses & US techs and especally the daily monitoring. Hang in there and don't let those meds get you down. It's no fun but it really does get better. :)
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  • I conceived both of my babies under care of Dr. Sipe.  I love him!  I recommend the TTTC board.  You can find great information and support there.  We didn't tell anyone about our IF either, only my SIL.  It is so isolating.  Good luck.
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  • I highly recommend the book, The Infertility Cure.  I really openned our eyes and gave us new hope after trying fertility treatments and seemingly without reason failing every time.

    Once we switched to traditional chinese medicine (TCM) (through the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine which made it extremely affordable since it's not covered by our health insurance as IVF would have been) things started to feel a lot more SANE.

    My intern told me that it would require a 6 month commitment of coming in everyweek for treatments.  Additionally, she had me use fertilityfriend.com site to keep track of my Basal Body Temperature.  After the first treatment I felt better, and better and better each treatment after that. We got pregnant in our 4th month of trying with TCM.  I continue to see my intern to help out with the pregnancy since we've had miscarriages in the past.  So far so good.

  • I am pregnant with twins from IVF at northwestern. I would highly reccommend the infertility board. The women there are great and can provide a wealth of information!! best of luck on your journey- I hope it's a short one!

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