When did your babies start diverging in size?

In every U/S, my babies have always been the same size (only one oz difference).  Today's ultrasound, baby A was 3lb 9oz and B was 3lb 2oz.  They are likely not identical, so I know it is unrealistic to expect them to be the same size, but I am still worried that B is starting to fall off in growth (Dr. is not worried at this point)

Re: When did your babies start diverging in size?

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    My Baby B seemed to fall off in growth around the same point and I was worried for a little while, but remember that u/s are just an estimate. My boys were only 3 oz apart at birth. And as you can see from my siggy pic, they're also fraternal.
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    mine were always a little bit different. at birth, though, two were the same size, and one was 7 oz smaller. he's still my peanut, by about a pound. :)
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    They started to diverge at about 22 weeks.  The trend, however, has been consistent.  She has remained 30%ile and he has remained 50%ile.  Perhaps your babies are just coming into their genetic predisposition on size. 

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    That sounds fine to me, you can't expect them to be the same size even if they were identical because every baby/person is different. For the my weekly u/s at weeks 5-12, baby B was always bigger and measuring ahead by a few days+ and baby B measured behind a few days. Then I didn't have another u/s until week 18 in which case baby A had surpassed B in weight/size which continued to be the case. At birth, baby A was half a pound bigger. But now my baby B is 3 lbs bigger!
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    a few oz is nothing - esp with an US because they are not accurate - don't worry.  ID babies are not anymore the same size as fraternal - often size difference has more to do with the placentas/umbilical cords - so ID babies can be very different in weight, too.

    My boys were equal in size on US's until maybe 35w... then at 38w they were born and almost 2lbs apart.

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    My babies were always neck and neck during their ultrasounds, yet they were born 1lb apart.  It's hard to be accurate on an ultra-sound, especially the larger they grow.  At 3 months, there is a 3 pound difference between the two.  They have completely different body frames.  7 ounce difference is not a big deal and if your Dr. isn't worried, I wouldn't be either.  If the gap grows though, I would request more ultra-sounds.
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    Thanks for all the replies.  I am having U/S every 2 weeks, so I'm sure we'll find out if it becomes an issue.
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