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just need a lil reassurance today

i am much more of a stalker than a poster, so hello to most of you :) but i am having one of those moments that only other mothers-to-be can relate to (i think!)...

i am 19 weeks along and was told from the very beginning that i have an anterior placenta so won't feel the baby move until closer to 22, so i get that and am aware of it, but I really just want to FEEL something, like for sure feelings. i have had some twinges, almost like somethings pinching me, and maybe some flutters, but then i think i am just making it up in my head bc i want it so bad...i know, patience... right? thoughts?

then today i get told by a coworker that another person we work with mentioned i am as big as a house. hilarious bc when this person saw me i wasnt even IN maternity clothes. i know its stupid and people say dumb things with no thought, but really? just rude... ugh.

ok rant over, i will feel better now. thank you for listening!

Re: just need a lil reassurance today

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    sending some ::hugs:: your way
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    How far along are you?  Even with a 'normal' placenta, most first time moms dont feel much by 22 weeks.  A few flutters here and there but thats about it.
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    Anterior placentas are extremely common, but yes, they tend to prevent the movement sensations for a while. I've only been feeling mine for a couple of weeks now (ETA: and a further-along and 2x pregnant friend had to confirm for me that I was actually feeling BabyZ), and it's still light and fluttery. But I consider myself lucky: another friend with an AP said she didn't feel the first kicks until she was almost 7 months along! Yes, patience, and know that it *will* happen.
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