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Always something... Bummed

On Friday DH wanted to surprise me by getting started on the baby's room over the weekend. He went and got the base and chair rail moulding so we could put it up and start painting.

Well about a month ago we sold the bed we had in that room and we found  little mold on the wall. DH cut out that piece of the wall and found a lot more mold and kept cutting and now HALF of the wall on that side of the house is gone and the some of the studs are dry rotted out No Now we have to fix that... from the outiside (which will include re-stuccoing) before we can do anything else.

Ahhhhh always something. MOLD of all things! I am so bummed but we have to get that all taken care of before our baby is here. At least we found it now. Would have been nice to have known the extent a month ago when we got rid of the bed. Oh well! Here we go.

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    You should definitely have someone look at the rest of your house and determine where the moisture was coming in that was causing the rest of the mold. Mold can cause serious health problems.

    Also, as a general rule, it is a bad idea to expose mold to air as it releases all the spores which makes the mold spread to other parts of your house (air vents, anyone?). You should have a professional deal with the mold removal. 

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    what a bummer :( sorry
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    That sucks!  But at least you will be rid of it and have a safe room for your baby.  Dare I say, check the rest of the house?  You might be scared of what you might find, I know I would be!
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    Thankfully my DH is a licensed contractor. He knows what he has to do and who he has to have look at everything that he can't personally fix.

    We do have the room all closed off and sealed up. I am thankful that we are finding it now and it will be all taken care of by the time our baby girl gets here.

    He's going to check the rest of the house but we think it's just the backside.

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    I just redid my bathroom because of this.  Unfortunately, there wasn't an adequate amount of ventilation/no windows in the bathroom... DH had to tear EVERYTHING, floor, ceiling, walls, etc.  It really wasn't too pricey, around $2500.00 to redo the whole thing including replacing studs.  Good luck with that, and please follow PP's advice and get the rest of the house checked. 

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    Yuck! Good Luck!
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    Oh no!  I would definitely get a professional to take a look.  You don't want to be dealing with mold and not really know what you're doing.
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