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How do/did you like your YMCA swim lessons? I signed Eve up for 4 weeks of lessons through the town here for the end of July, but if we like it, I may consider signing her up thru the Y, because a girl I know from hs just said she has been taking her DD there since she was 9 mos.. and she's 2.5 now and is already starting to swim unassisted.. which I think is really impressive.. plus we should get a $250 credit for the Y for Eve from our insurance if it ever comes in the mail.. so we could use that to add her to our membership or to pay for lessons.

So I was wondering your opinion. :)

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Re: cm2007

  • I did like it but I don't know if I would sign her up again for that money.  I think this was our instructor's first time teaching swimming to this age.  He did a good job and really enjoyed the kids(Abby was one of 2 in our class) but it was the same thing every week.  I think 4 weeks would have been plenty instead of the 8 we did.  I was told other instructors sing songs and have them play games in the water but ours didn't.  Abby definitely enjoyed the water and her time there so I am glad I did it.  I do think it depends on the child too.  Abby got more out of it then the boy in our class.  He had a death grip on his mom and didn't really do anything.  Abby splashed and let the instructor help her swim.  Our last class is actually this week. 

    I would like to try and keep taking lessons with Abby but I think I will save money and try and find some through a town for her.

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