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I'm looking for overnight diaper coupons

do they exist and where can I find them?

I use pampers but would be willing to try huggies too for a good deal.  It seems like all I have are the cruiser/swaddler ones and I don't think they are sold at BJs.  We made the switch to Target brand diapers for daytime and that's going well for us but we still need something heavy duty for overnights

Re: I'm looking for overnight diaper coupons

  • HUGGIES sends me pretty decent coupons all the time.  I don't think I have any right now, but will take a look in the morning.
  • Target sends out a baby coupon book every once in a's great! I load up on almost everything in there. Overnights were just in the last one - maybe you can contact them to mail you one, the coupons are good until Dec I think.
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  • I have a few huggies overnight coupons. I'm not sure exactly how many/what... I saved them in case I'd use them.. but I probably won't.. I can send you what I have. I have a couple manuf. ones and a couple target ones.  I'll have to check.. PM me your addy. 

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