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Moving to mid. TN (Tullahoma). Any advice?

I'm actually Canadian, so this is going to be very different!  I need to find an OB though and was wondering if anyone has any rec.'s?

 Any other info about this place would be fantastic too!!!  We have one little girl already and I want to make sure I have fun things to do for her.  I don't even know where to shop, or grocery shop, or anything!!  I know I'll figure it out but I figure a little insider help couldn't hurt ;)

Thanks for any input, ladies!


Re: Moving to mid. TN (Tullahoma). Any advice?

  • I just moved to Manchester, about 10 miles from Tullahoma, in February.  There isn't a whole lot going on in our area from a shopping perspective.  I like the Kroger for groceries.  For real non-food shopping, your best bet will be to go to Murfreesboro.  It's a drive, but worth it to be able to shop at Dillard's and eat something other than fast food.

    I work in Chattanooga, so my OB is there.  It's a distance from Tullahoma, though.  I have heard there are good ones in Murfreesboro.  If I get any names, I'll post them for you.

    Good luck in your new home!

  • I live in Winchester and my OB is there but I have many many friends to would recommend Dr. Jose Rivero in Tullahoma. They all seem to like him really well. Welcome to the area!
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  • Thank you so much ladies!!!!  So nice to hear some feedback. 

    We found a house last week and we visited Manchester (so excited to go to that waterpark!!!) and then drove to Huntsville.

    I'm excited to get to know some more about the area, it's nerve-wracking to move so far from home, things are a lot different.  What does everyone do for recreation with their kids?  So far I found a few parks, the water park and Kindermusik and that should keep us busy for a while, especially with the new pumpkin arriving in Oct.

  • There is a great children's museum in Chattanooga called the Creative Discovery Museum... then of course there is also the aquarium and several parks. Huntsville has the Space and Rocket Center. Winchester has Tim's Ford Lake and Tim's Ford State Park. Tullahoma has the Hands on Science Center. and there are several nice public pools in the area.
  • Dr. Jose Rivero is amazing. He saved my daughters life!
  • My only recommendation about tullahoma OBs is that Dr. Good is NOT good if you are looking to have the baby vaginally. He has a VERY high rate of c-sections as does Dr. Pou.
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  • I see Dr. Fleenor. I personally really like her, but had heard mixed reviews about her from others. I have not heard good things about Dr. Good. For date nights, my fiance' and I like going to the Montana drive in. I moved to Tullahoma from Memphis in January. I have family here, but it has been a BIG adjustment. For any shopping besides groceries, I recommend Murfreesboro or Franklin. Hope this helps! Welcome to Tennessee!
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