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Night waking before standing/walking?

My dd has been waking up the past several nights in the middle of the night...on her hands and knees, crying frantically.  I have gotten up with her and nursed her, but I'm wondering if I'm doing the right this just her getting ready to stand or walk? (She's crawling very well, pulling self onto knees, but not standing yet....)  Thoughts? Advice?

Re: Night waking before standing/walking?

  • I would just try to get there as fast as possible & lay her back down.. maybe try to stay out of sight while patting her back. If she still does not calm down then I would pick her up & nurse. Maybe once she is up she cannot get back down. 
    DS went through that with sitting up, he had just learned to sit up but he could not get back down, & then he had the same problem once he learned to stand. A few times he actually fell asleep standing leaning against the crib rails 

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  • I always get DS and nurse him back to sleep, even now. Is there a reason why you don't think you should be doing that? DS woke like that for a long time before actually standing and walking.
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  • It may be a developmental thing-if pulling up to her knees is new to her she may just do it if she wakes up and then find it hard to get back down. 
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