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Inducing? (Long and ranting, Sorry!)

Little miss Peyton is due on July 1st but we're inducing on June 28th, for personal and logical reasons, and also the hospital's schedule.  We really wanted my parents to be able to come out for her birth, especially since my mom flew out the next day after I miscarried last summer, and they're in California.  Also, because of the EDD, we didn't want to have to risk driving from Edmond to Deaconess on July 4th (have you seen some of the driving that happens on those roads?).  Then, the hospital only schedules inductions for Mondays and Tuesdays, well the 29th was taken, so we took the 28th because otherwise it'd be July 5th, and that defeats the whole not driving on the 4th thing.

Everyone that finds out we're inducing tells us about how we're endangering our baby, and it's so horrible of us.  My MIL was totally fine with it until she found out she won't be allowed in the room AT ALL until after the baby's out, fed, cleaned up, and rested a bit.  Then, she called DH with all these "risks" that come with inducing.  With her, it's a case of jealousy of my mom being allowed in for labor and not her, but why does everybody else think we're so horrible for inducing 3 days before she's due anyway?!?!?!

Again, sorry for it being so long!

Re: Inducing? (Long and ranting, Sorry!)

  • You poor thing!   Regardless of everyone's views on inducing or whatever a mommy's delivery preference may be, our families just need to be supportive.  It is OUR delivery...not anyone elses.  Remember that you are not alone honey!  I am doing a natural labor and everyone keeps calling me crazy.  lol  Just stick in there girl and just think about holding your beautiful baby! 
  • I am going to sound harsh, I am sure, but these are things I wish I had known before I had my first child, that I didn't find out until I had regrets, so I hope that it helps you to avoid those.

    I think before you make choices like this, you need to be educated and then you can make the choice that is best for your family.  I am assuming your doctor (like most) didn't tell you the risks of inducing labor.  I would ask at my next appt if I were you, since they usually don't offer that up (and sometimes even if you do ask they still brush it off).

    It is actually pretty dangerous (for you and baby) to induce, especially prior to 40 weeks.  Your due date is not an exact date.  You really have more of a due month because pregnancy usually lasts 38-42 weeks.  A lot of first pregnancies go 42+ weeks which is fine, normal, and healthy.

    When you medically induce labor for reasons other than medical necessity, you are putting your baby and yourself at risk for no reason.  Some of the risks of induction are:

    increased risk of c-section, increased risk of breathing problems for baby, increased pain for you, longer labor, baby born premature (no by gestational age, but premature for them--termed at term premature), etc.

    Indction of labor for convenience is actually even disapproved by the FDA.

    Medical inductions are harder on baby and harder on mama.  They create a more painful labor sooner which often leads mama to an epidural, which then slows down labor.  Since labor slows, pitocin is upped which can cause contractions that the baby can't handle since they are much stronger than natural contractions.  Baby's heartrate drops and a c-section is ordered. 

    My son was born by scheduled c-section at 38 weeks 1 day and had issues from brith (he wasn't breathing, had holes in his heart, had developmental issues) and I think it stems, partially from the c-section, but also because he was born before he was ready.  Even though he was technically 13 days early, if he needed to stay inside for 42 weeks, he was really born nearly 4 weeks early!  His body wasn't done being inside and I wish I had waited until at least 40 weeks before agreeing to have him taken.

    There are more "natural" ways to induce labor (sex, nipple stimulaton, evening primrose oil, oregano) but they only work if your body is already ready to start labor.  It just speeds it up a bit maybe.

    I also recommend that you read "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" by Henci Goer.  She has info about the risks and benefits to induction.

    I wish you lots of luck either way.  Congrats on the baby!

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  • we induced one day before due date b/c of insurance purposes.  Dec 29th. I ended up having to have a c-section but it was b/c i wasn't dialiating.  I stayed a 4 for 8 hours.  I say do what is best for your situation.  I personally say go for it. :)
  • Thank you everyone for your support and objective opinions, I really don't mind them when presented in a rational manner rather than straight up telling me I'm endangering my baby. 

    Something I hadn't mention is that this time last year we miscarried, and at the very beginning of the miscarriage I hemorrhaged.  While I know there's a chance it won't happen again, having to have 2 blood transfusions without doing any actual labor was enough to make me say no thank you to the risk of profuse bleeding at my house again.

    I did do research, and there are risks with any and all forms of birthing, none of them outweigh any other enough for me to be opposed to anything other than what works for us and is necessary for Peyton's wellbeing.

    Again thank you all!

    P.S. Dashcraft I can't believe people are giving you a hard time about going all natural!  I suppose people just have to nose in and criticize any decision a pregnant woman makes when it comes to pushing a lemon out of her grape.

  • haha  lemon out of her grape....I like that.
  • I don't see any problems with inducing that close to your due date.  There are risk like you said for any form of birthing. I was induced at 36 weeks due to preclampsia and only labored for 8 hours and my daughter was born just fine. You can't compare a c section birth to a induction b/c babies born by c sections are much more likely to have breathing problems b/c they don't get all of the fluids squeezed out going the birth canal. 


    FYI I also had an epidural not long after the broke my water at 3 cm and 2 1/2 hours into labor, and my labor actual sped up after the epidural.  Getting an epidural early doesn't mean your labor with slow down.

  • Well, everything went fantastically and the epidural did indeed speed everything up.  Labor and delivery combined was only 4 hours and DD is so incredibly perfect!  Thanks for letting me vent everyone!
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