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nurse midwife in bergen county

Can anyone recommend a great nurse midwife in bergen county who is connected to an OBGYN practice with MD support?  Alternatively, if anyone has an OBGYN they would recommend in bergen county that is very friendly to natural birthing, that would be helpful too.  I am new to the area and need a referral.  If you don't mind, please leave a note about why you like the person you are recommending.  Thanks! 

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    Cristina Giambalvo, CNM, MSN -- Nurse Midwife works out of The Center for Women's Health ( in Westwood. She works with Dr. Paul Dicker and Anita Stern, RNC, MSN, WHNP -- Nurse Practitioner.  They have a very low CS rate and spend a lot of time with you during your office visits.  The only negative experience that I have had with them is one situation where either they or Lab Core lost or didn't do one of my blood test results, but that has since been remedied.  Otherwise they all have been great!  They mainly deliver out of the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood. 
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