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s/o Female Bodybuilders

Now while I agree Female Bodybuilding can be a bit over the top I still think muscularity on a woman is nice looking.

Not super veiny but muscular and defined, toned etc.

I did a figure competition a few years ago (which is not as muscular as bodybuilding) and I don't think I looked manly.

Now you will have to excuse the stage makeup and fake tanner

ETA:  this is NOT supposed to be a WOW you look good/bad post. Just saying that you don't have to be huge and veiny and this was my experience



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Re: s/o Female Bodybuilders

  • Damn girl! That's amazing! Never in my whole life could i dream of looking so good!
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  • Nice body!!! I have a friend who is in the fiqure competition as well. She's very well known "Nadine Dumas" if you've ever heard of her?!  I think fiqure competitions are great!! You guys look hot..without the man looking bodies!
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