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PSA: mother&Child store

For all you ladies looking for maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby items, furniture, etc... my friend and I went to mother& child consignment in Nashua, NH yesterday and it was amazing!

almost all the baby stuff we looked at still had tags on it and were brand news. Prices were pretty good and they had a TON of stuff (including the Belly Bandit (brand new in the box, which I bought for after I have the baby, it was only 40 bucks and they usually run $50)!

Just wanted to put this out there for all you budget concious mamas who don't want to buy yourself new, expensive maternity clothes and baby items that you don't need brand new.

Enjoy if you go!

Re: PSA: mother&Child store

  • Did you happen to notice if they also have nursing tops?
  • I've been there too and was really impressed.  They did have a nice selection of consignment clothing and the stuff looked really well taken care of.  My friend was able to get 2 multi-packs of onsies (so like 8 total) for about $5.00!

    They also had a nice selection of new cloth diapering supplies, new in the box nursing bras, and other post-pregnancy supplies. 

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  • Oh I am totally going to check this out, thanks for the tip!
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  • I didn't notice about nursing tops, but come to think of it, I'm pretty sure they did have them. This place is seriously awesome ladies, really.

    jCamsquared: this is a def. must .... they have everything and really close to you relatively speaking!

    as I said, everything was really nice... most things were new with tags still on or looked as if they had been used once maybe...

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