Maternity support belt

Did anyone wear one?  My ob recommended one since I am on my feet all day for work.  I got it a few weeks ago and I just felt like it was putting too much pressure on my uterus.  I stopped wearing it for a few weeks thinking that once my bump grew more it would fit under my bump.  I'm trying it again this week but it just feels uncomfortable like it is just putting pressure on the lower segment of my uterus.  Does anyone have experience with these? 

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    I wear a support belt when I run, and it makes a huge difference.  It's just the belt, but they have some that are pretty involved.  Not sure how comfortable it would be to wear all day though.  Particuarlly sitting down.

    Here's my cheesy blog post about trying the belt for the first time:

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    Love your blog post!!  so funny!
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    I got the support belt from BRU and I like it.  But I too have noticed that sometimes I feel like it is pressing on the lower segment of my uterus.  However, for several hours before that it feels really good!  I don't know if another brand would be better.

    Are you wearing support hose?  Those are KEY.  I didn't heed the advice I got to wear them while working (also on my feet a lot) and I ended up with nasty varicose veins.  Yuck.  I also had a good amount of swelling, which the hose would help with, too.  Make sure you wear the hose! 

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    I got one from Motherhood and I'm not crazy about it. After 10 minutes, it feels like there's too much pressure. 

    Sitting down/driving wearing it = impossible. Super uncomfortable.  

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    Yes!  I am wearing the knee-high support undergarments have become horrendous these days!  lol

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    My Dr. wants to me wear one and I do to reduce my lower back pain.  Our local store said this one is there best seller.  It is a little more simple but I am sure still does the job with flexablity.  


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