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Charlie isn't going to be going to school/daycare for July & August. He is an active kid  & gets bored easily, I want to start planning some "lessons" to do over the summer with him. I'm trying to come up with a weekly theme that I can get books from the library about, do a cooking activity, art projects, and hopefully a mini-field trip. This will also get my mind up & running for teaching again in the fall.

So give me some fun ideas! We have a zoo & science museum membership so those will be used a lot. I want to get out to the aquarium. I know I want to do a construction theme & take him to watch some trucks in action.

And Kara, I am going to be going through your blog today to borrow some ideas :)

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Re: Weekly themes

  • Jungle week

    Farm week

    dessert week

    Ocean/aquarium week

    Pond week (frogs/salamanders/cat tails)

    Dinosaur week

    Back yard week (bugs/insects/flowers/rabbits)

    Inorganic week (rocks/dirt)

  • I don't have any theme ideas, but here are some ideas to stay busy:

    Visit a local farm (see animals, go berry picking, watch them make cider donuts?)

    Is there a place that has arts/crafts for kids?

    Also you can do plenty of cooking and baking, including cookie cutter shapes etc.

    It's might be too old for your DS, but I love Kumon workbooks.  My aunt bought some for my DD when she was about your son's age.  Her first one was basically a coloring book but you need to color in certain parts of things (instead of scribbling all over).  My DD lvoed it so much that I bought all the books for her age (coloring, cut/paste, stickers, etc).  You can find them at Target or

    You could plant some things or do a little gardening.

    Is there an airport nearby?  There is a place near me where you can eat and watch airplanes take off, or you can park and watch airplanes

    You could also go on a nature scavenger hunt

    I have a lot of ideas but I am so scattered right now.. keep us posted if you need more ideas :)

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  • dle927dle927 member

    I love this idea! You could incorporate something based on the 4th of July to kick things off....United States, flags, etc.

    The Dinosaur suggestion made me think of the Penn Dixie site in Blasdell.  I'm not sure how much interest a 3 year old would have (sad I have little concept - I suppose I'll need to figure that out) but when I took my nieces there were some young kids there.  Often, you don't need to dig for the fossils as a ton are just laying on the ground. 

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  • I will definitely be doing dinosaurs! The next exhibit @ the science museum is robotic dinosaurs- we saw them setting  it up yesterday & C was so excited! I forgot about Penn Dixie- I'll look into it & see if it would be interesting to him, thanks :)
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