cramping vs. contractions?

Hi girls, I could really use your help again! I was up all night last night with pretty painful cramping - my stomach was hard as a rock on the top and middle part ( it's too jiggly to ever get solid on the bottom part! ) with what felt like really bad menstrual cramps - I wasn't able to "time" them or count them because they just kind of came on in waves.

Went to the GP this morning, who listened to the girls and said everything is fine, but if it happens again go into L&D straight away, as they could very well have been contractions.

What does it sound like to you girls? Isn't 30 weeks waaaaay too early to be having these types of cramps? 

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Re: cramping vs. contractions?

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    They sound like contractions to me. I went into PTL at 29 weeks so it's not too early. Next time it happens definitely call your doctor.
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    cadencaden member
    It does sound like contractions to me. I had minor cramping that turned out to be contractions. I felt no tightening at all. I'm much earlier than you so I was put on meds & bedrest.
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    If it happens again, I would go to L&D.  Don't mess around.  If you are starting to have contractions they need to get them under control.  Even if they send you home as just normal cramping/growing, it is worth the trip to know that everything is ok.
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    We very well may end up going to L&D this evening - I've been having them off and on all day at work and am not enjoying this at all.
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