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1st birthday ideas?

40-50 people.. mostly adults, so need to have booze... my townhome won't fit everyone and the stairs are a terrible thing with little kids running around.  any ideas of something not too expensive? i wanted to do a tent at a park or something... but the permit process sounds like a mess! i would need an event planner?  anyone know an event planner that would be willing to do something ?

Re: 1st birthday ideas?

  • We are having 60-70 people and are renting a park district building.  The rental is going to cost around $120.  But, we also have to factor in food, decorations, favors (for the kids), etc.  We are not having any booze. 
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  • hmm, that's not bad at all!  where did you find that info?
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  • I just called around.  We are in the 'burbs, though.  I think I saw on the Nest board that you are in the city.  If that's the case, it might be different.
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