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Yay! Grandma wants to try BWing!

I've been using a Moby since DS was born, but now that he's getting heavier I'm switching to a woven. I got my first the other day (Didy Cassis Waves) and should get my bb slen paprika in the mail tomorrow (woohoo)!!

It was actually my mom that bought me the Moby because I mentioned it looked cool, and has liked how calm DS is while in it.  She had a hip replacement last year so I said that a woven wrap would distribute his weight really well over her upper body so it should be good for her. She's willing to try it out!

My parents watch DS during the week, and they parent him like we do - lots of cuddle time, pick him up when he cries, holding to go to sleep, etc. so I really think this might be great for them.  My mom even asked if my dad would be able to use it!  He's kind of a big guy, but I think he might be able to get away with the biggest size.

Re: Yay! Grandma wants to try BWing!

  • Very cool. Both my mother and MIL tried wearing DD a couple of times, but neither felt comfortable enough tying her on themselves without me present. They found their own ways of soothing her and keeping her happy though, so it all worked out for the best. :) Hope she likes it and keeps it up!
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