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Blood Blister on Placenta

Hi name is Courtney & I am new to "the bump" I am a former knottie. My husband and I have been married for 8 months & we are expecting our 2nd child in January. I just wanted to share a little bit of my issues I have had with this pregnancy and see if anyone has or has had similar symptoms. We are for sure pregnant we have taken several home tests, blood tests, & we even seen the heart beating. However I have been bleeding for about 6 weeks. The doctor says I have a blood blister/pocket on my placenta which is causing the bleeding. Has anyone ever heard of this? Although they seem to reassure me everything is okay I am still a little nervous. Thanks for reading!!

Re: Blood Blister on Placenta

  • Is this laymans terms for a subchorionic hematoma?
    Positive for ANA's for RA (although no "active" antibodies currently), on 200 mg progesterone, 81mg aspirin, and levothyroxine daily.

    3 consecutive losses - Natural m/c Aug '09 @ 6w2d, June '10 @ 13w5d, baby measuring 11w2d - D&C, Natural m/c March 2012 @ 6 weeks.
    Hoping this will be my take home baby.

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