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Big ultrasound and placenta bleeding?

We just got back from our anatomy scan and everything with the baby looks great, but they said my placenta had a 1 inch bleed...ultrasound nurse seemed more concerned than doctor. Did not mention placental abruption or placenta previa although she did say the placenta is lying low, but will probably correct itself. They said to "Take it easy" What on earth does that mean?

 I'm not normally one to overreact, but I'm scared they were trying not to scare me and didn't give me enough restrictions or something. Anyone else have that?

Re: Big ultrasound and placenta bleeding?

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    Don't over do it.  I wouldn't do any lifting and keep well hydrated.  I had this during my 17th week and they put me on ned rest.
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    Yes. I had a lot of bleeding at 14 weeks to a low lying placenta. technical if it has not moved my 20 weeks it may not move however it could be very serious.

    Take it easy should mean pelvic rest & no lifting or heavy work. They should also be giving you more ultrasounds then normal to make sure it does move & stays out of the way or you might have to have c-section at 37 weeks.

     From what I have learned every doctor looks at the patient & handles this very differently from doc to doc.

    My SIL had the same thing she was on bed rest at 20 weeks for bleeding but had my nephew at 33 weeks.

    Have you not had any bleeding yet or spotting from the  1 inch. Or was the 1 inch was was coviering your cervix?

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    I'm on pretty rest as of today due to placenta bleeding but if you didn't have any blood than you're in a better place than me.  Even after I get off bed rest this week I'm not allowed to lift hardly anything or do much exercise beyond walking for the rest of my pregnancy.  Be sure to take it easy so it doesn't get worse.
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    Thanks ladies, yeah I haven't had any actual spotting, so I think I was so surprised I was too dumb to ask the doc any questions. They're doing another ultrasound at my next appointment in 4 weeks. I googled (which I know I shouldn't) and it just seemed like so much more of a big deal than they made it.
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    I know its a lot to take in and worry about but try not too and get rest and dont over do it. I also have a low lying placenta buty no bleed as of yet. Im not lifting anything heavy and I still walk a few miles each week. I also drink tons of water and sometimes when I get sick of the water I add a little bit of lemonade to it and its so good!! GL!

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