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Not good

Here is what I was supposed to do today: clean, mark math tests, mark science tests, work on report cards, work on lesson plans for this last week, finalize exams, return shoes.

Here is what I did today: bumped, returned shoes, drank wine, watered my plants, fertilized my tomato plants, bumped, drank wine, bumped, drank wine, bumped, drank wine...

oops. Tongue Tied

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Re: Not good

  • Aubs13Aubs13 member
    Hey, at least you remembered to water the plants!  And to get more wine!
  • image TeacherVicky:

    bumped, drank wine...

    At least you got the important ones done.  Wink

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  • I never had stuff marked and returned on time back in school. I'm pretty sure it was because of this very reason. Now you have an excuse to go back out and buy more wine, though!
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  • With it the end of the school year, give them all A's and let it be! As for lesson plans, I would vote for movies. :) Atleast that's what i'd want to do, and what I almost did when I left my last position. Hahaha

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  • you did return the shoes-that counts for something right!?!
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  • image rock-elle:
    you did return the shoes-that counts for something right!?!

    Of course it does! An extra 110$ back in my account... that I will spend this week on another pair of shoes. Embarrassed

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  • Don't worry. I am guilty of the same. I have been on summer vacation for almost 3 weeks and done NOTHING. Now, at the last minute I have to get a ton of things done before we leave for vacation Tuesday. You deserve to relax!

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