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doula rec's -delivering at Evanston Hosp.

I'm 31 weeks. Is it too late hire a doula? If not, does anyone have any recommendations. I'm delivering at Evanston Hospital


Preferably someone REALLY experienced and with a good bedside manner... :)




Re: doula rec's -delivering at Evanston Hosp.

  • No idea how late is too late, but go for it if you're interested! Don't know any myself but have delivered twice at Evanston Hosp. Love, love them. For recs have you contacted local organizations that offer classes, etc.? I'm sure there are plenty of recs for doulas through word of mouth. Or maybe contact local practices- I go to Midwest Center for Women's Health. I know they have practicing mid-wives so maybe they have some referrals for doulas? GL!
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  • I delivered at Evanston Hosp. in July 2008 and my doula was Leah Koop.  If you google her, you'll find her number.  She was great...patient, comforting, professional, knowledgeable.  She helped me deliver without pain medication.  I was hired her for my second son's birth in Nov. 2009, but I ended up delivering 5 weeks early and opted for the epidural.
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  • Thanks for the rec. I'm excited to be delivering at Evanston Hospital (originally at Northwestern downtown). I hope to hear from some doulas next week, and I will post my reviews! :)
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