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So up until now we have been celebrating Father's Day

Oh that DH of mine!!! He told me earlier in the week he thought it was Father's Day this we just went with it. I bought his gifts yesterday, let him sleep in, cleaned, made him a nice breakfast, planned on making him linguine and shrimp scampi for dinner with home made strawberry shortcake for dessert...I called my Dad - he's working today and I said "wow, they're making him work on Father's Day??" Ha! My mom thought I was nuts.

Guess this happens when you don't live by family and keep to yourselves!

So I called DH to let him know (he went into work for a little bit during naptime) And I also let him know that next week, his Father's Day starts at 1pm. : )

Re: So up until now we have been celebrating Father's Day

  • Haha! Too funny Big Smile

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  • LOL. too funny!
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    Very funny. Did you buy everything already for dinner? Would stink if at least some of it didn't keep until next weekend.
  • Yeah - I made it anyway : )
  • That's funny!  At first I thought you were just going along with it but then realized that you also thought it was this weekend!  

    I'm curious what you got your husband.....I have no idea what to get!  I need some ideas!

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  • LOL, that is too funny!
  • I did an I <3 Dad photo collage from Leah (Evan gave him one last year. I have the little letters from Michaels) and father/son fishing poles from Evan, complete with a Star Wars tackle box. He only fishes once a year on our Canada camping trip with the whole family so I didn't get him a reeeaaaally nice one or anything :) I also bought some Daddy books.

    I didn't give him his card - so that's all he gets next week! : )

  • that's funny! My DH thought Fathers Day was yesterday too. We were OOT, and he thought I forgot it was FD!
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