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Feeling movement

I felt the baby move for the first time 3 days ago. Since then I haven't really felt anything (not that I was sure of). I'm almost positive I just felt it again for sure :) My question is: once you felt movement- how often did you feel it? And when did you start to feel it everyday? Just curious... TIA

Re: Feeling movement

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    I felt it for the first time last Wednesday & then I felt it Thursday. Then I didn't feel anything until Saturday evening.
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    I actually went back and looked up when I consistently started feeling movement with my last pregnancy bc I keep swearing I'm feeling the baby already and 12 weeks seems WAY to soon.

    I was about 3.5 months last time when the movements got really common but I described the feeling as the way your stomach drops when you miss a step or go over a rollercoaster instead of little flutters. I started feeling KICKS about a month after that.

    Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to get tired of being punched in the bladder or having a foot jammed into your cervix from the inside.

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    At the beginning, it is very off and on. Not something you can really track. About 24 - 26 weeks is when you can feel on a more regular basis. I never did the whole kick count thing with DD because it would seem like there would be times she was really active and then hours when she didn't move at all. Really, I probably was just distracted and didn't notice it, but as long as I felt her every morning, I didn't worry (again, wasn't regular until later, though). 
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    Apparently my situation has been pretty uncommon - I felt no flutters, bubbles, etc. then at 18 weeks I started feeling full on kicks (that I could feel and see from the outside). I have felt them every night since the first day.

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    acesupacesup member
    Thank you ladies!!
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    I felt my baby move for the first time around 16 weeks, I didn't feel him move again for about 3-4 days after that. I consistently felt him move around 18 weeks.

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