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sister's surprise shower is today

A. is in yoga probably imitating a pretzel at this very moment. ummm, yummy pretzel.

I desperately have to pee, but am being held prisoner on my couch by a snoring cat on my legs.

I got my sister the fire pit they wanted, but since I can't wrap it I bought all the stuff for s'mores and have that in a pretty bag.  But now my sister wants us to go together, and I am not sure how to manage that since the bag is too big to hide.  This is a TINY shower.  Possibly painfully tiny, because my sister is having a tiny wedding.  I feel guilty about being glad it is a tiny wedding, because I am the officiant, and I have never done anything like it.   

But I should really get up and figure out what to wear that says 'happy bridal shower' on this cold and drizzley day. 

Re: sister's surprise shower is today

  • Where does your sister think you're going? Is A going to meet you there? Can you stash the bag in the trunk of the car?
  • I love the idea of all the smores stuff in the gift bag!

    Have fun at the shower, keeping a secret about a surprise is impossible, I love to hear success stories.

    Have fun and enjoy.

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  • My sister *thinks we are going for a cookout for my grandfather.

    She might know.  She is too polite to come out and say otherwise.  I am leaving to meet A. in a bit so that we can drive up together.

    I don't have a cute outfit for this.  Oops. 

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