sleeping- could it be anything else

Ok... so I have pretty much ruled that since my DD have started waking up several (sometime 6 or 8 times) at night that we are in a growth spurt, middle of a developmental milestone (rolling) and teething (one DD). But could I be missing anything. There are nights when I can't take anymore and need sleep so I bring them both into bed with me at different times. And I do not want to do this but I don't know what else to do. They were sleeping great prior maybe with 1 waking a night. They are eating about 30-35 oz a day and solids 2-3 times a day. Is this just something I need to get through. I even considered sleep training in seperate rooms because when the fuss and cry its at different times in the night. Suggestions would be great! I am just exhausted!

Re: sleeping- could it be anything else

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    I forgot.. they go down at 7:30pm and the waking start between 12-1am. They do still do catcap throughout the day 30-45 minutes if we are luck an hour-1 1/2 hrs 2x a day and sometimes I feel they don't get enough sleep which could also be why they are waking up. I want those 91/2 hours back!!
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    janjagjanjag member

    they are eating alot.  is that the growth spurt you are talking about, or do they always drink that many oz?  if you think dd is teething badly, ask your ped about children's or infant motrin for the bad nights. 

    at about 5mos gest age we let them (esp audrey) CIO.  was not something i thought i'd even consider a couple months prior.  i felt she was regressing, waking earlier for middle of the night feeding, and increasing wakings... AND she would not sleep unless she was held for naps.  but i knew she was growing, and eating well during the day. 

    in general we didn't ST in separate rooms.  rarely did we separate them.  the couple of times we had to get vivi out of the nursery, we put her in the PNP set up in our room.  GL!

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