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Sex & loss of mucus plug

I am 38 weeks pregnant (will be 39 in three days) and my husband and I had sex this evening. Almost immediately when I went to the bathroom there was a tiny bit of brown/light red discharge-ish junk when I wiped. About an hour or two later when I went to the bathroom I noticed a small, white, mucus looking, clump in the toilet. I think I may be loosing my mucus plug. Could sex have caused this? Also, any chance that I will be going into labor in the next day?

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  • losing your plug doesnt mean labor is right around the corner. It can some times be weeks after. 
  • sorry.. mucus plug can regrow :( hopefully labor isnt far off for you though
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  • It definitely sounds like your mucous plug.  However it doesn't necessarily mean labor is around the corner.  Maybe it is, maybe not.  But that is a sign of progress, especially at your stage of the game... nice job!  :)
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  • image InLovewSB:
    Sorry. Sounds like you had some semen discharge to me, not MP.

    This is what I thought after reading the description -- the mucus plug is very distinguishable. You won't question it when you see it.

  • image InLovewSB:
    Sorry. Sounds like you had some semen discharge to me, not MP.

    This could be true. However, I think us having sex is what started my MP loss. At first I thought is was semen as well, but after going to the bathroom 3 or 4 times and it STILL being there, and it was too much to be semen, there was no way it couldn't be my MP. (sorry that was waaayy TMI!)

    It unfortunately means nothing though. I have been losing it for 6 days now. It's getting old. Tongue Tied

  • Sex can definitely cause loss or thinning of mucus plug. This is actually why they say sex can trigger labor. There is an enzyme in semen that thins the mucus which promotes dilating. If it wasn't your MP, but you're anxious for labor keep doing it!
  • Ok, so I definitely just lost more of my mucus plug and also had a little bit of "bloody show" right after having a contraction. I'm waiting to see if I get another contraction. Is there anything I should expect?
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