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s/o Library Thugs

About 12 years ago I had checked out three books from the library and then moved.  I packed the books away and never saw them again.  I got a few notices in the mail and then nothing for a long time.

 About two years later I got a letter from the CITY ATTORNEY saying that they were going to take legal action against me unless I ponied up my fine:  $120.  Forty bucks a book.

I paid.  I just got a library card (from a different library) two weeks ago.  My first card in years.

Jack Donovan, b. Christmas Eve, 2009.

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Re: s/o Library Thugs

  • Dude, that sucks.

    Glad you have a new card, though!  Don't move now. :)

  • DH is notorious for racking up Library fines. Our like one those roach motel things, Books come in, they don't come out.
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  • holy crap! I'm scared now! First thing, monday (before my flight, even) I will go back to the library!
  • I did this is 8th grade. We had to write a paper so I got books from the local library (no internet back then). I lost them somehow and they charged my mom like $60. Needless to say we never went back to that library.

    And a friend of mine actually had to go to court for the same thing. She never paid so they sued her. I went with her and the judge was pretty pissed to be honest. I don't think she ever went back there agin either.

    So I guess I hung out with "library thugs" lol.

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