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Ring Slings & Toddlers

Can a ring sling really be comfortably used to hip carry a squirmy toddler? A woman at a local wrap store told me this, but I wasn't sold. However, someone in my neighborhood is now giving a ring sling away, so I thought maybe I should try it.

FWIW, DD is 30 lbs and I'm thinking of this as something to have on hand during our neighborhood walks when she suddenly gives up after a block or two and I have to carry her in my arms the rest of the way. (The Ergo doesn't fold up compactly enough for me to just grab it "in case" on these occasions.)

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Re: Ring Slings & Toddlers

  • Yup, RS can be comfy for toddlers :) There are women who use RS for their toddlers on TBW all the time. I've worn a 25# LO in a sling without any problems for a longer period, so I imagine that a short walk would be fine with a 30#.

    BUT- what kind of RS is it? Something cotton or with a bit of give will not be as comfy for you as linen or silk. The supportiveness of the fabric will matter, as well as how wide it is.

    Oh, and if you aren't used to doing 1 shoulder carries, you may get sore at first just because you are building different muscles. But it should feel like a muscle after a workout, not painful pinching, if that makes sense. 

  • Ditto cindy on the fabric comment. I wear Ari in my slings daily. He actually prefers the hip carry in the sling now. I've started wearing him in my double silk or psling exclusively though, since the less supportive fabrics just aren't cutting it.
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  • I can carry my DS age 3 (about 35lbs) comfortably in my ring sling.
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