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Using a sling w/ a 6 week old

I'd like to start using my linen RS with my 6 week old, as the Moby is getting way too hot (it's 95 degrees here). My question is, can I leave his legs out yet? He doesn't particularly like sitting froggy style. Also, another RS question: should the sling be all up in my arm pit? It's the only way I feel like it's tight enough.

Re: Using a sling w/ a 6 week old

  • I started leaving my LO's legs out this week.  She's 8 weeks tomorrow.  I found that you can still use a side of fabric for head support with the legs out, so it might be worth trying.
  • I'm not a ring sling expert so hopefully one will chime in ;-)

    But, you can do legs out - just make sure the sling comes to his knees and that his knees are higher than his bum.  You want to be careful that he's sitting in a good pocket with those knees up so he doesn't pop out - that can be a bit harder when they are small and have a tiny bum ;-)

    You want him high enough to easily kiss the top of his head.  If the sling is rubbing your armpit, you may need to fiddle with the shoulder and how you have it spread across your back.

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  • You can do legs out. Just make sure he has a really good seat- you want a nice pocket for him to sit in, so his weight is supported mostly by his bum, not just pressing his back into your chest.

    It shouldn't be rubbing your armpit. My *guess* without seeing pictures is that the rings are too low, so your LO's weight is pulling down on the sling and loosening it up. If the rings are high his weight won't pull the same way and loosen the sling. Start with your rings up nice and high- on your shoulder or even slightly over your shoulder. They will work themselves out when you adjust! 

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