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We co-sleep but have not bed-shared. DS sleeps great so I don't even know why I am considering this...Anyways, I think we can't because we have a temperpedic mattress, is that true? I have heard they are too soft. How do you make sure your LO is safe in bed with you?
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Re: bedsharing

  • We bedshare and love it.  We tried co-sleeping but LO didn't believe in the sleeping part of it. Ha we all sleep much better.  I think it is natural for mothers and fathers to want close proximity to their LOs at night.  This is the website that was recommended to me by my lactation consultant to find tips on safe bedsharing.  Most of the info is common sense, but it made me feel better to have done a little research on it since bedsharing seems so taboo.

    I'm not sure about a temperpedic mattres, but you may be able to find info on that on this website as well..if not, maybe the attachment parenting website.


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