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A new record

Evan is still sleeping! I think he is catching up from the ER visit the other night...but at the rate he's going I won't be able to put him down for a nap today! I feel like I've got a teenager in there : )

Re: A new record

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    That must be so nice. Our latest was 8am. It even happened on Christmas morning. Best present ever!
  • Thats great! Eve used to sleep late like that but it never happens anymore..
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  • LOL!  How is he doing??
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  • oh my! My Evan was up at 6am today! He was just going in for a nap at 11 ;)

    how is his leg doing?

  • He finally got up at 11:15. His leg is doing fine - thank God! DH took him in to the orthopedist and while she examined him he giggled the whole time. She said "Um, yeah...he's fine"...DH was pretty embarassed I think. But my God - he was limping so bad!! He could barely put any weight on it. The limp lasted a few days and was totally gone last night.
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