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Heat bothering DD

My DD fusses and cries all the time now that it is hot out. I have closed all the blinds in the house, have all the fans running with windows open, given her baths to cool her down, dress her only in diapers... what else can I do? I can't imagine going all summer like this. Anyone else seem to have this problem?

Re: Heat bothering DD

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    My DS is the same only solution is to take him somewhere air conditioned during the hottest part of the day (in addition to the other solutions you listed).
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    If you come up with any new ideas, please let me know.  I live in the desert and my LO is miserable.

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    I had to buy a portable air conditioner for our house.
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    Your LO could actually be cooler in a onsie than in nothing. Keep in mind that a cool cotton outfit can pull moisture away from the body, having a cooling effect. Wearing nothing, she is just laying there sticking to herself.
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