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WTH? Ok get a load of this...

I saw on the news that one of my students died.  He was 13 in a car accident with a 44 year old and a 17 year old.  The 13yo was the one behind the wheel.  The 44yo was mom's ex-husband (not the kid's dad - a different ex) and the 17yo was a family friend.  Both old enough to drive but the 13 year old was driving?!?!?

I know his sister (from another school) but never put the two together because they go to different school districts. When they interviewed her on the news she said that his mom let him drive ALL THE TIME just to get him out of the house.

Mom told investigators that she told him NOT to take the keys but he did anyway.  No criminal charges have been pressed (yet).

The whole thing seems really jacked up to me.

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Re: WTH? Ok get a load of this...

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