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Need visitor info!

Hi ladies! DH and I (plus a buddy of his b/c he's never been outside AL) are going to be visiting my grandmother and her husband in July. The weekend of the 22nd to be exact. she lives in Durant. Any suggestions on things to do? We don't have any kids so it will be us three plus the two grandparents. Suggestions on where to eat? We'll also be visiting the Dallas/Ft. Worth area so any suggestions about what to do and see in Texas would be great too if you happen to think of anything! Thanks!

Oh, and the grandparents are pretty cool and are in good health so they should be able keep up with us for most activities.

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Re: Need visitor info!

  • Durant is a really small town, but there is Lake Texoma very close.  It's a beautiful, large lake and that's where most people hang out.  Not sure on where to eat there though. 

    Dallas is pretty cool... if you are into shopping, check out the outlet mall in Allen.  It's off 75 & Stacy Street.  It's so amazing! That's where I go when I go down there.

    If you have the money and the time and like lots of meat (mostly men love this place) check out Fogo De Ciao.  You need reservations.  It's in the heart of Dallas.  It's pretty good too, but kinda fancy. Have Fun!

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  • I'm not familiar with Durant, so I can't help you there. Sorry!

    However, my DH is from Dallas and his family is still there. Down by the American Airlines Center (where the Mavs play), they have built up that whole area with lots of restaurants and trendy clubs and bars and stuff. The House of Blues isn't too far from there, either. There is also Lower Greenville and the place where Kennedy was shot. I'm sorry, but this pregnancy brain has me forgetting the name of everything I'm suggesting to you! LOL

    Anyway, hope you all have fun on your trip! 

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